1st Category: Earths
There is a competitive part and a cooperative part.
Participation projects can only be in groups
For the Primary Basic category, each group may have 1 to 3 teachers and 3 to 10 student members.

Fresh water” was chosen as the theme of the Primary School.

Competitive part:
Water treatment in our area“. We study rivers, lakes and underground streams of our area. We are inspired by our research and create our own local water bottle!

2. Cooperative part

Citizen science experiment :
How can citizens of the 21st century participate collectively in scientific practice?
We create the surface of our area. We follow online tutorials on how to design in 3 dimensions in a few steps, create the landscape of our area, mark the water resources areas and send a copy. All maps are printed and we create the landscape of all of Europe’s mainland .

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για 3d terrain