Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

Primary ST3dM2021

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Junior High 2021

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High School ST3dM2021

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Competition Categories

ST3dM2020 include 4 categories

Primary ST3dM2021

1st Category: Hobbits
There is a competitive part and a cooperative part.
Participation projects can only be in groups
For the Primary Basic category, each group may have 1 to 3 teachers and 3 to 10 student members.

A ring to rule them all” was chosen as the theme of the Primary School.

Competitive part:
Water treatment in our area“.

We study the common areas that we touch at school. Switches, handles, faucet, etc. We invite medical stuff or make a video call to speak about their job. We get inspired and create a unique ring that helps us avoid touching.

2. Cooperative part

Citizen science experiment :
How can citizens of the 21st century participate collectively in scientific practice?
Let’s get connected in etwinning and exchange information on covid19 prevention in our schools.

Junior High 2021

2nd Category: HumaNETy

Thematology of Junior High Category “Network: How far- how close.”

Competition part. “Mask extender“.

We will have to use a mask for a long time this year. Let’s make it easier by using mask holders-extenders. Let’s make it personal adding artistic designs of our research on the network.

2.Cooperative part

Citizen science action : How could citizens of the 21st century participate cooperating in scientific practice?

Join in our e twinning project and talk about our covid19 times in school.


New Contest only for us ……Teacher Competition!!!

«Teacher tool»

What if we can make our own tool? What if we can create everything we can imagine? Well lets do it? Compete, be createfull inspired by …what do you need?
A competition exclusivly for teachers of all grades.
Courses and webinars on how to design and print in 3d. Lets create, sponge holders, inspired pencils, compasses, inforullers, spinners and so on.

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