ST3dM research team was created as part of the research of the EDIFF Lab on skills development during 3D printing technology integration in education. Specifically in the context of the doctoral research on STEAM subjects of the

Ph.D Candidate Tsiastoudis Dimitrios
under the supervision of Professor and Director of Lab Polatoglou Chariton

, were created:

1st Panhellenic Student Design Competition for 3D Design and Printing with the participation of 121 Primary and Secondary Education teams from all over Greece, training material and distance education in 3D design and printing software used in our first year ,a body of 40 Ambassadors of the Competition aimed at introducing new technology into formal education processes, and finally a conference on an overview of emerging good practices

The competition support team is also composed with the members of the Evaluation Committee:
Anthoula Maidou, Architect, Professor of Technology, Phd Candidate
Tyrimos Tasos, Architect, School of Film, AUTh.

In the second year of the competition, 2019-2020, special emphasis is placed on the simultaneous introduction of citizen science, space data, and collaboration between participating teams.