3rd Category

There is a competitive part and a non-competitive.

• Participation projects can only be group-based and in particular: For the High School class each group may have from 3 to 10 students. • Each student / group may participate in a single project, which should be original and not published.

Thematology : Our city

Sustainable Development

We study our city trying to identify and record the positive elements it has and problematic issues with a view to sustainable development. We identify a problem that is related to sustainability and we invent a construction that helps to solve it. We learn inside from online lessons how we can design in three dimensions. We design the object / objects that will solve the problem we have identified.

2.Cooperative part

Citizen science activity : How can citizens of the 21st century participate cooperating in scientific actions?

After recording the positive and negative elements, we create posters and try to activate the residents of the city to solve them.