Citizen Science ST3dM

Scientific research traditionally required laboratories with appropriate equipment and highly qualified researchers. In this 21st Century 4th Industrial Revolution gives citizens the opportunity to take an active part in scientific projects. The relationship of modern humans to technology is tested through the contradictions of admiration for achievements and effectiveness and on the other hand of awe and limitation of the role of humans as a factor in social and economic creation and production. Formal education is unable to respond as regular curricula and teacher training is regularly required, while non-formal education have the flexibility to adapt to new techniques and tools, but lack the necessary scientific training.

Through this project we set up the “Hub of Citizen Science in Education” at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, that develops the philosophy of citizen science communities on issues that concern the wider academic community at cross-cutting, and climate-related issues. We also test a beta version of “Center for Citizen Science in Education” at secondary education where university, school and local authorities interact on local community problems.

Through ST3dM activities we are developing Citizen Science projects, using educational robotics and 3D design to enhance students’ technological literacy while at the same time encouraging their awareness of the social issues facing local communities, enhancing their citizenship and identity and its relations with technological developments.

Our societies will test globalization and will be tested through the best system of Representative Democracy so far. The active participation of citizens in scientific projects will underpin the culture of Representative Science.

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