2nd Category: Aliens

Thematology of Junior High Category “Water in Space”

Competition part. “Sextant“.

We are a space group abandoned in Mars. We need water. We have a 3D printer and in order to meet other groups we ‘ll need to create a marslocation tool. Lets study the origin of water on Earth. How did water came to Earth. Lets use the information we have collected to modify the sextant files that will be provided by LADIPHET. Study the history of astronomy and design special characteristics.

2.Cooperative part

Citizen science action : How could citizens of the 21st century participate cooperating in scientific practice?

“Sky-pe. A night in school”. We spend the night at school. In collaboration with the parents, we organize an astronomy night (if we want an overnight stay) at school on the night (Saturday 2 May 2020). We connect and share information.